Kinking is history.

Conventionally designed center pull hoist rings favour kinking of the hook more likely. No proper position of the hook within the suspension ring, no optimal load force transmission. This status will be favoured especially by the following facts:

1. The lifting points does not automatically and safely turn into the load direction.
2. The hook cants at the inside profile of the suspension ring. 

The RUD ACP-TURNADO eliminates these dangers completely. The intelligent spring mechanism makes sure that the suspension ring turns optimal into the load force direction. The lift ring design guarantees a safe position of the hook without kinking. The result: The first hoist ring which ensures no kinking!

Handling is in its genes.

The RUD ACP-TURNADO moreover unites features which significantly improve handling of loads.

Wear indicators, positioned at the critical points of force transmission, make it easy to quickly identify whether the wear of the lifting point is still within a safe range or whether the lifting point is no longer safe to use. To allow easy and clear reading of the most relevant information like WLL, torque, dimension of the bolt etc. even under toughest conditions, it is either stamped or embossed into the surface of the lifting point.

The bolt provides an in- and outside hexagon and is captive, but can be exchanged if necessary.

Inspecting and documenting of components. Time consuming and costly.

The solution: Wireless inspection documentation by means of RFID technology.

While lifting heavy loads a lot of things can go wrong. This may have severe reasons. Inaccurate handling, incorrect determination of lifting components, improper usage of rigging equipment and material fatigue. Therefore legislators and regulatory authorities in many countries require regular inspections of lifting means and legally compliant documentation of the inspection results. The RUD ACP-TURNADO comes with a factory equipped RFID transponder which allows to use either a RFID reader or a smartphone to capture the unique 16 character ID-number and to allocate the inspections results accordingly.

Keeps its promises.

The RUD ACP-TURNADO - More than the sum of its parts.

The RUD ACP-TURNADO in motion


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More than just another center pull hoist ring.

The ACP-TURNADO: Sets the new standard.

Whether the plastic processing industry, machine building, the tool and die industry or other industry sectors: For the worldwide transport and the handling of heavy loads, RUD lifting means are highly valued for their quality and the innovative design.

Correspondingly the challenge for the RUD ACP design team was to develop a lifting point, which eliminates the disadvantages of the present existing designs and makes the usage considerably easier and safer. The result: The RUD ACP-TURNADO, the world’s first perceptive lifting point.

M12, 1/2"

M16, 5/8"

M20, 3/4"

M24, 1"

M30, 1 1/4"

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