For a good neighbourhood.

RUD with an essential role in the new building at the Palm paper factory in Aalen.

In good neighborhoods, people help each other. People lend each other tools or help actively in upcoming construction projects. There is no difference in company neighborhoods. We supported our neighbour company Palm GmbH & Co. KG to build up a completely new construction building for a most modern paper mill at their headquaters in Aalen by supplying RUD chain slings for lifting.

The heart of the new building, the paper machine hall will be an impressive 230 metres long and 30 metres high. The family company Palm is investing around 500 million euro in the construction of a new paper factory, directly on the B19 between Unterkochen and Aalen. This future-securing project, which will also use the new, efficient paper machine as its core with the connected winder from Valmet, Finland, is one of the largest investment projects in the company's 146-year history. That the components for this colossus were transported and installed using RUD anchoring points is thanks to the decades-long cooperation with the RUD sales subsidiary Erlatek.

The gigantic paper machine hall has been completely constructed from massive reinforced concrete and prestressed concrete parts. The challenge here: During construction, heavy prefabricated concrete parts are placed precisely in the right positions by cranes – exactly the right environment for the maximum quality claim of the lashing chains program with its specialist elements. Under extreme time pressure, the giant concrete parts have to be lifted directly from the low loader using RUD chain slings and moved securely and accurately to the installation position and then fixed. An RUD ICE 120 chain sling with maximum WLL – fitted with the highest universally usable IMVK multi shortening claws and the unbeatably robust ISH ICE-Star hooks were used for these lifting tasks.

Our conclusion: Apart from the positive feedback from the users of our products, we were pleased by the intensive cooperation in this project with regionally located companies such as Glass-Bau and Arbeitsgemeinschaft Traub. Experiencing the appreciation on our home ground, which is almost normal for us on the global markets, makes us quite proud. A successful home game for RUD. Particular thanks also goes to the company Palm for the opportunity to work with them and to document it as well, and we wish them well in their new premises.