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Challenging tasks in the maritime & offshore sector demand a lot of both people and equipment. The safe lifting and lowering of loads on deck and under water in depths of up to 3000 m, extreme ambient conditions, unpredictable currents and difficult lighting conditions at such great depths are all enormous challenges. Particularly when time windows are tight, and precision and safety are required.

Top quality –
made in Germany

As a successful innovator in the field of lifting, moving and lashing loads, RUD sets technological benchmarks over and over again. We can offer clear added values in the demanding maritime & offshore sector, for example. An ever larger range of our lifting points and lifting means have been optimised for precisely these assignments and consequently have DNVGL approval. With the innovative RUD ROV-HOOK we also supply a unique subsea hook which combines convenient handling by ROV or by manual operation with maximum loading safety under water.

Reliable quality, high level of safety, perceptible added values: discover the world of RUD.

Now with 10 t and 25 t WLL.

Even better performance: alongside the standard-setting 10 tonne version of the RUD ROV hook already on the market, the new advanced development with 25 tonnes WLL is opening up completely new areas of application and possibilities.

Technical information

Ultimate safety thanks to innovative 2-stage locking.

    • Twin trigger mechanism: Thanks to the spring-supported series connection, the hook only opens when both triggers are actuated at the same time.

    • Ultimate safety: Unintentional opening of the hook is impossible, losing the load excluded – even in a very rough and mechanically demanding environment.

    The evolution of a revolution.

    New ROV-HOOK: Convincing advantages.

    The New RUD ROV-HOOK now up to 25t WLL!


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    The new ROV-HOOK Brochure

    Our DNVGL-approved products at a glance.

    Economic, reliable and safe: With a comprehensive range of lifting means with DNVGL approval, RUD is your expert partner for marine and offshore assignments.

    Our main products for the marine & offshore sector.

    Lifting Point for welding


    Inspecting and documenting of components. Time consuming and costly.

    The solution: Wireless inspection documentation by means of RFID technology.

    While lifting heavy loads a lot of things can go wrong. This may have severe reasons. Inaccurate handling, incorrect determination of lifting components, improper usage of rigging equipment and material fatigue. Therefore legislators and regulatory authorities in many countries require regular inspections of lifting means and legally compliant documentation of the inspection results. The RUD ACP-TURNADO comes with a factory equipped RFID transponder which allows to use either a RFID reader or a smartphone to capture the unique 16 character ID-number and to allocate the inspections results accordingly.


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