The game changer for lifting points.

RUD ACP-TURNADO: Now up to M100 / 4" for even more heavy-duty applications.

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Even more power: the world’s first smart lifting point.

The RUD ACP-TURNADO has been setting new standards for safe load lifting for years. Because its lift bail immediately turns in the load direction when it is lifted, it cannot remain upright. Dangerous transverse loads and a sudden drop of the load are excluded. The secret: a unique spring mechanism.

Technical details for all variants

Ready for the biggest things.

With an immense variety of thread sizes from M8 – M100 as well as ½" – 4", the smart lifting point is now available for an even wider variety of applications: Including the most extreme heavy-duty applications. In every size, it has the crucial advantages of the first generation. For the user, this means: no worst case, improved safety for load and crane, up to a 30% higher WLL - and thus improved economic efficiency.

Simply stronger: up to 30% higher WLL.

The RUD ACP-TURNADO scores points with an up to 30% higher WLL compared to lifting points from other suppliers that are comparable in design and size. This gives you considerable reserves in terms of maximum WLL at all load weights, as well as noticeable weight and handling advantages. This makes the RUD ACP-TURNADO the first choice wherever heavy and the heaviest loads have to be moved safely, precisely and ergonomically.

Optimised for every load weight: always a perfect solution.

Because every application has special requirements, the RUD ACP-TURNADO now comes in three different designs. Each of them is optimally matched to a defined WLL range – and offers all the unique strengths of the ACP concept. Up to thread size M48 / 2", the RUD ACP-TURNADO is equipped with a replaceable bolt, whereas from M52 / 2 ½" onwards it is equipped with a fixed threaded rod with nut. This threaded rod concept allows large lifting points to be realized flexibly, quickly, and cost-effectively for you, even in the smallest batch sizes. You can flexibly select the length, type and diameter of the thread for your application. Individual special threads up to 300 mm in length are also possible.

Smart down to the last detail.



ACP-TURNADO MAX M36 − M56 (1 ½ " − 2")
ACP-TURNADO SUPERMAX M64 – M100 (2 ½" – 4")

ACP-TURNADO M8 – M30 (½" − 1 ¼")

All variants of the RUD ACP-TURNADO offer the design factors 4:1 as well as 5:1
and meet the requirements of the American standard ASME B30.26.

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Game-changer: boltable lifting point RUD ACP-TURNADO


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a new standard.

When it comes to lifting and moving heavy and high-value loads, RUD products are valued worldwide for their quality and innovation. With the RUD ACP-TURNADO, the RUD development team also had an ambitious goal: to perfect a well-known design. The development effort was immense, the engineering performance correspondingly high. The basic design and essential details of conventional centric lifting points were decisively changed and – accompanied by intensive test series – precisely adapted to the goal. The result was a lifting point that eliminates the disadvantages of existing solutions and makes the user's work easier and safer. In short: a new standard.

Simply versatile: even more heavy-duty applications.

Even up to M42, the RUD ACP-TURNADO has often become the first choice wherever heavy loads need to be moved as safely and efficiently as possible. These include industries such as mould and tool making, automotive, mechanical engineering, energy and offshore sector, power plant construction, industrial construction and many others. With sizes up to M100 / 4", it masters even more heavy-duty applications in a variety of industries with flying colours. And in addition to its extensive range of standard variants, it is always ready for a customized special solution.

Wireless inspection documentation via RFID: saving time and money.

In more and more countries, regular tests of lifting means and their documentation are mandatory. The RUD ACP-TURNADO's standard integrated RFID tag allows its factory-assigned ID number to be called up very fast using a reader or smartphone. You can easily assign the test results. That saves time and money.

All current variants at a glance.

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