On the safe side.

RFID Technology simple and efficient inspecting.

From RFID transponders and readers to documentation and administration software: With the RUD BLUE-ID SYSTEM, we offer you a convenient overall solution for the inspection of your equipment, which will noticeably reduce your workload on a daily base while saving you costs.

Wireless transmission via the RFID transponder makes product identification more convenient than ever. With our reader and software solution, documentation and administration become also extremely easy. With a single click, all RUD components equipped with RFID tags can be identified contact- and error free and will be transferred directly to a software or app for further processing of the inspection data. It can’t be more convenient and secure. Your entire inspection process becomes easier, faster and more reliable. This saves you more time for your core business.

And best of all, the RFID transponder is already integrated as standard in defined product groups. This is only offered by RUD.

The RUD BLUE-ID System.

  • Lower inspection costs, less time and personnel efforts.
  • More process and legal security (avoidance of errors).
  • Factory-preassigned product information is readable simply, contactless and quick.
  • Clear labelling and identification of products with RFID technology.
  • Offline testing possible without Internet access.
  • Easiest documentation and administration of test data with the cloud-based AYE-D.NET software solution.

Efficiency is blue. And fitted as standard.

Unique worldwide: In defined RUD products, RUD ID-POINT® RFID transponders are serially embedded with a unique 16 character identification number. In this way, the components can be identified easily, error free and legally.

Fast, simple and flexible: The RUD USB-ID READER perceives the identification number of the RUD ID- POINT® contactless via USB or Bluetooth, and transmits it to a computer or mobile device. Either into our partner’s cloud-based AYE-D.NET software from Syfit – or in your existing standard software solution. There, the data can be conveniently assigned to the test results. A sound and secure solution.

The extraordinary feature: By reading out the ID number via our website or with the AYE-D.NET App, you can immediately access relevant product data such as identification, WLL, inspection data f.e. dimensions, operating instructions, etc.

Everything from a single source.

The Software.

Powerful, modular, easy to use.

The choice is yours for the prescribed test documentation. You can organise it with existing databases and standard programs such as Office applications (Word, Excel ...), SAP, etc. Alternatively, together with our software partner Syfit, we offer you the cloud-based AYE-D.NET software tool as an SaaS solution (Software as a Service).

Developed as a combination of inspection software, administration software and documentation software, AYE-D.NET’s state-of-the-art architecture opens up numerous application possibilities in inspection administration and subsequent processes.

The Hardware.

Flexible, adaptable, resistant.

RUD offers you numerous possibilities to equip components with one of our RFID transponders securely and durably. This allows you to label other equipment subject to inspection with RUD transponders and integrate them into our lean ­inspection and administration system.

Our RFID transponders are extremely resistant and can withstand even the toughest environmental conditions such as extreme temperatures or chemically aggressive substances. The passive transponders do not require power supply and are also suitable for NFC (Near Field Communication) transmission.


Creates connections: the RUD ID-USB READER.

Cost-optimised USB reading device for easy reading of the unique ID number of the RFID transponders. The RUD ID-USB READER is compatible with all common high-frequency transponders and chips according to ISO 15693 and can be connected to a PC, tablet, laptop or smartphone via an adapter. Note: the end devices must be USB-standard-OTG-capable.

Our RFID Transponder variety.

The RUD ID-POINT®. The press-fit.

Used as standard in defined RUD products. It impresses even in ­challenging applications and ambient conditions. Can be used at ­extreme temperatures, and has very high resistance to impact, water and dirt. By the way, our solution for captive installation in steel safety components is patented.

The RUD ID-STICKER. The glue version.

The transponder has a diameter of 25mm x 3.5mm. It is self-adhesive and can be securely attached to metallic or other surfaces.

The RUD ID-TAG®. The hinge version.

Metal-reinforced, very robust hanger for chains, connecting links, wire ropes, etc. Its special feature is that it can also be fixed by using two bolts.

The RUD ID-LINK®. The sagging version.

Comes as an open link and provides an integrated RUD ID-POINT®.
For a quick identification marking of chain slings.

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