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More than products: RUD is your partner for solutions.

RUD products stand for innovation, quality, ergonomics and safety. With around 700 lifting point variants and 370 chain components up to grade 12, we support you in solving lifting and lashing tasks, reducing handling costs and increasing work safety.


At RUD, however, you get much more than just products. We are committed to always offer you a tailor-made solution that meets your specific requirements. In addition, we support you with sophisticated consulting and other services to make your projects even more successful.


Innovation made in Germany.

We develop and manufacture all RUD products in Germany of outstanding material quality, high robustness and exemplary ergonomics. At the same time, our products and RUD’s solution and consulting expertise are available to you all over the world. Tell us about your challenge!


RUD lifting points and slings stand for reliability, health & safety at work and quality “Made in Germany”. Thanks to the comprehensive range of lifting points and slings available, loads weighing 100 kg to 250 tonnes can be lifted, moved and transported safely. 700 different tested RUD lifting point variants in welded and forged versions are available for all lifting technology applications.

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How do I connect the lifting means with the crane hook?

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How are unbalances and misalignments compensated during load lifting?

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How do I connect the lifting means with the load or the loaded goods?

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What has to be taken into account when selecting chains (length, material, diameter etc.)?

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What must be taken into account when choosing the right lifting points?

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During the transportation of machines or components, high forces often act on the load. For safe transportation, it is important to apply the necessary retaining forces reliably in order to keep the load on the load bed.

More about RUD lashing

Lashing points connect the load bed with the lashing chain. Lashing points from RUD are available both in weldable and in boltable versions.

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Shortening elements make manual fast-shortening possible for the subsequent ideal adjustment of the tensioning elements.

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Tensioning elements make fast and easy pre-tensioning possible. In addition, RUD tensioning elements have a practical mechanical locking device and an anti-theft device.

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Link elements connect the lashing chain with the lashing point.

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Identification tags from RUD contain information about the respective lashing chain (reliable lashing force, pre-tension force etc.). In addition, it can be used to check the main set-down criteria of the chain (Gauge function).

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The ICE Lashing Chain replaces grade 8 of the next largest nominal thickness and has an up to 60% higher breaking load (significant weight savings, improved ergonomics, faster attachment and increased safety through improved material properties).

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Lashing points connect the loading area with the lashing chain. Lashing points from RUD are available in both weldable and boltable versions.

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Industries we serve.

We develop solutions for a variety of industries and applications.
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Solutions all about lifting, moving and securing of loads.

The right choice for every load: The RUD configurators.

Play it safe: The lifting means configurator guides you to the optimal sling configuration for your lifting application in just a few steps. The new lifting point configurator helps you find the right lifting point quickly and easily. Both tools offer an interactive 3D view, as well as various setting and filtering options to make sure you don't miss anything. Save valuable time: You can easily request your configuration right away.


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News from the RUD world.

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The RUD ACP-TURNADO assists lunar project.

Lifting, moving and securing the heaviest and most valuable loads: That is RUD's speciality.

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RUD at the MAN Trucknology® Festival 2023:

Safe and efficient: Tie-down lashing with round steel chains by RUD.

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Heavy task, lightweight solution!

Use in the desert: Lifting and turning a pump weighing several tonnes becomes easier and safer with RUD endless chains.

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