Weldable lifting points.

RUD weldable lifting points: suitable for all common welding methods.

Weldable lifting points (weld-on points) are used in approximately 25 % of constructions. They are permanently connected to the load. The advantage: loosening the lifting point, e.g. when rotating and turning loads, is ruled out: in many applications, this is a clear bonus in terms of the safety. RUD weld-on points are suitable for every standard welding procedure. The weld-on blocks consist of an easy-to-weld material and the suspension eyes are made of drop-forged, high-strength tempered steel in a lightweight construction. 


RUD weldable lifting points are designed for a dynamic load of at least 20,000 changes of load. They are tested with an overload of 50 %. Their WLLs range from 600 kg to 100 t., allowing them to offer four times the safety in every loading direction. In addition, all the load-bearing parts have been crack-tested and load-tested in accordance with EN 1677.


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Indestructible: Weld-on point that can be loaded on all sides.

  • Quadruple safety against breakage.
  • Meets the requirements of DIN EN 1090 due to the circular fillet weld – no rust creep.
  • Treated body, increasing wear resistance.
  • Patented wear markings inside and out.
  • Meets all the requirements for modern safety eyes.
  • Attractive design.
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VIP Load ring weldable FIX | VIP Load ring edge FIX.

  • The ideal solution for split force introduction.
  • No time-consuming alignment of the weld-on blocks to the ring link.
  • Parts firmly connected through radial clamping springs: reduces the noise and keeps the weld-on blocks at a precisely defined distance during welding.
  • The patented bearing system also allows a perfect WLL at up to 90° to the load ring plane of the 180°-swivelling ring lug – even under full load.
  • No rusting: all-round HY weld.
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PowerPoint: weldable universal connection with many attachment options.

  • Universal connection, eye connection, direct VIP chain connection (metric).
  • Non-mix-up VIP connection for chains and eyes.
  • WPP: 360° rotatable, 230° pivotable.
  • Double ball bearing for tilting, rotating and turning under load.
  • For combination with all conventional lifting means without an additional connecting element.
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Product highlights from the RUD range.


WPP-S / WPP-B / WPP-VIP (universal connection / eye connection / direct VIP chain connection - metric)

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Weld-on point that can be loaded on all sides

W-ABA (weld-on point that can be loaded on all sides)

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Load ring

VRBS-FIX / VRBK-FIX (VIP load ring for welding Fix / VIP load ring for corners Fix)

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Load ring

VLBS / VLBS-U-LT (VIP load ring for welding / VIP load ring for low temperature -45°C)

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Weldable excavator hook

VABH-W / VCGH-S (Excavator hook, ready for welding)

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