RUD chains.

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RUD lifting chains are ICE round steel chains that are made of a patented material and specially tempered. They have a high strength and toughness. They are designed according to DIN EN 818 and 1677 for a dynamic load of 20,000 changes of load (tested with a 50 % overload). We offer you chains in many different diameters, qualities, lengths and in the highest material class.

Thanks to its unique product and material portfolio, RUD can supply the matching solution for every purpose of application. This wide range of lifting means is guaranteed by the material qualities ICE (Grade 120) and VIP (Grade 100).

Did you know that, in 1994, RUD was the first chain factory to be awarded approval by the employers’ liability insurance association for the VIP special grade (Grade 10) with an up to 30 % greater WLL than Grade 8? In addition, RUD was the first chain factory to be awarded approval by the employers’ liability insurance association for round steel chains of Grade 12 (ICE 120) in 2007.

Before a decision is made regarding a chain lifting means, the following questions should be answered:

What is the maximum weight of the loads to be moved?
What usage height do I have available and what is the maximum lifting means length?
What working environment is the lifting means used in (temperature, rough environment, handling, ...)?



If you deflect the suspension’s lifting chains at sharp edges, you should definitely use an edge protector to protect the chain from dangerous damage. Important: the permissible WLL on the chain strand is reduced by 20 % if there is no appropriate edge protection.


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RUD ICE chains.

ICE stands for Innovative Chain Evolution. RUD ICE chains are lifting means of Grade 12 and represent a (r)evolutionary advanced development in the lifting means segment. Their colour code is ICE-pink (traffic purple).


RUD ICE chains have been tested and certified by the certification authority of the committee of metal and surface treatment of the employers’ liability insurance association Metal North South (BGM) and also approved with the quality grade stamp "D1-12" (D=Degree of Quality / 1=Manufacturer RUD / 12=Grade). RUD ICE-120 chains and components have been designed for 20,000 changes in load (tested with 50 % overload) in accordance with DIN EN 818 and 1677 for dynamic load.

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A decisive ICE advantage – always one nominal thickness smaller than Grade 8.

On account of the extremely high material strength of the patented ICE material, RUD has managed a continuous shift in nominal thickness compared with Grade 8 even for thinner diameters ≤ Ø 16 mm. In practice, this means that an ICE lifting or lashing chain – no matter the nominal thickness – can replace a Grade 8 chain of the next-higher nominal thickness. The resulting reduction in own weight of more than 30 % is a major advantage for work ergonomics.

Whether hot or cold – ICE is the best.

Thanks to their extreme temperature resistance of -60 °C to +300 °C, ICE chains are suitable for Polar and Arctic applications as well. Their brittle fracture transition temperature is < -70 °C.

High value for money thanks to special ICE hardening.

Whether hot or cold: during tough use of the ICE chain, particularly when moving sectional steel (e.g. during port handling or construction work when used as a choke hitch) the patented material and special RUD ICE hardening result in economic advantages. Damage to the chain cause by edge deflection is significantly reduced compared to a chain with a lower material strength.

When the going gets heavy, we make things easier.

From a chain diameter of 20 mm, there is a change in quality grade from ICE chains to VIP chains. The highly dynamic VIP modular system and the VIP chains are above the standard values in their dynamic strength. Their minimum load cycle figure is over 20,000, the maximum load for VIP components is 1.5 times the VIP WLL. This allows loads of up to 126 t to be lifted and moved, or even larger ones when special components are used.

Figure left: Bridge set-up with Grade 10:
RUD underlines its innovative lead with a balancing adapter for round loops.

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