RUD Tensioning devices.

Load securing: Secure tensioning of lashing chains.

Only a correctly tensioned lashing chain can reliably fulfil its function. RUD lashing chains are tensioned by rotating the tensioning element. For this, the tensioning elements must be positioned in such a way that they are not at the edges when in use.


During inclined lashing, the lashing leg may only be pre-tensioned to such an extent that the chain no longer sags. As far as tensioning elements are concerned, a distinction is made between two types: ratchet spindle and bar spindle tensioners.


The ICE-CURT ratchet spindle tensioner and the ICE-CURT-K bar spindle tensioner have proved themselves admirably here. Both offer users plenty of advantages. They exceed the material strength requirements of EN 12195-3 by far, whereby the bar spindle tensioner has been optimised for direct lashing.


Both products are easy to clean and grease, as well as easy to handle even when wearing gloves. In addition, they have an innovative, practical mechanical locking device and are especially light and sturdy thanks to their innovative forged design. The ICE-CURT tensioning elements have a patented preparation for an anti-theft device which can be padlocked to secure against theft (type ABUS 85/40HB or ABUS 85/30 for size 6). Both are equipped with the RUD ID-Point®.

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ICE-CURT-GAKO (ICE-CURT ratchet tensioner).

  • Clevis connection for direct connection to the chain.
  • Suitable both for top over and direct lashing.
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ICE-CURT ratchet tensioner.

One special highlight in the ICE lashing chain is the ICE-CURT ratchet tensioner. Its features and advantages:

  • Exceeds the requirements of EN 12195-3.
  • Extra-long tensioning distance.
  • Preparation for theft protection by means of a padlock (type ABUS 85/40HB).
  • Equipped with RUD ID-POINT®.
  • Easy to clean and grease.
  • Innovative, practical protection against loosening.
  • Easy to handle – even when wearing gloves.
  • Particularly light and robust thanks to its innovative forged shape.
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The ICE-CURT tensioning elements have a magnetic locking device to prevent loosening:

Testimage 400px width

Locking device open.

Testimage 400px width

Locking device closed.

Testimage 400px width

Locking device with anti-theft device

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