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Complete systems for perfect load securing.

§ 20 of the German Highway Code (Straßenverkehrsordnung) clearly states: loads must be secured. For this to be guaranteed, trailers and semi-trailers, for example, have to be equipped with lashing points. In sufficient numbers. Since the manufacturer does not know in advance what kind of loads are to be transported, vehicles are usually not optimally designed for every application as far as the lashing points are concerned. 

And this is where RUD comes in. As an experienced system supplier we provide individual support and optimum product solutions. From design of the right lashing points through to the actual load securing equipment. Good to know: RUD lashing points can also be retrofitted in suitable places in agreement with vehicle manufacturers. 

SLP (Star Lashing Point).

Full lashing force in every direction.

  • Full load on all sides.
  • Can be pivoted through 270°.
  • Split force introduction thanks to multipoint attachment.
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L-ABA (lashing point that can be loaded on all sides, weldable).

Ideal for pile drivers, drilling equipment, compactors and other earth-moving machinery

  • Clear marking of the lashing force.
  • Forged from a single piece.
  • Circular fillet weld (in accordance with DIN EN 1090).
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