RUD master links.

Securely connect the lifting means to the crane hook.

RUD master links are equipped with a welded, all-round moveable connector. The advantage: a non-mix-up connection in terms of chain diameter and number of legs. The master link is enhanced by an identification tag (KZA) with integrated patented chain gauge.

Thanks to a unique product and material portfolio, RUD can supply the matching solution for every purpose of application. This wide portfolio is guaranteed by the material qualities ICE (Grade 120) and VIP (Grade 100).

What are the selection criteria for master links?

1. Crane hook size and design.

The sizes of the hooks and the master link must correlate. The master link must be at least 20 % larger than the hook width.

2. Weight of the load to be moved/lifted.

Select the WLL of the master link according to the weight of the load. You can find information on WLLs in the RUD catalogue “The Lifting Means System”.

3. Number of legs of the lifting means.

The dimension of the master link must fit the required number of strands.

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VIP/ICE master links for 1-, 2- and 4-strand suspensions.

  • Master links with a welded-in connector that can be moved in all directions, thus ensuring that only the correct chain diameter and number of strands can be connected.
  • The master links are equipped with an RFID transponder and can be assigned reliably via the unique identification number.
  • Manufactured according to DIN EN 1677-4. Dimensions in accordance with suspension link shape A according to DIN 5688.
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VIP/ICE mini-lifters.

  • Master link with an integrated shortening option, particularly suitable for a 4 mm lifting chain.
  • The chain cross is unlocked by pressing the arresting bolt – the chain can be threaded or adjusted in length.
  • Ideal for small loads up to 1120 kg (with 2-strand application).
  • RUD mini-lifters are equipped with an RFID transponder and can be assigned reliably via the unique identification number.
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VIP/ICE-Balancing master link / master link for balancing unit.

  • Balancing master link for lifting means with balancing units.
  • When two 2-leg lifting means are used, one of which is equipped with a balancing unit and both of which are attached to the crane hook, up to 4 load-bearing chain legs can be expected with symmetrical load distribution (BGR 500/DGUV rule 100-500). Advantage: increased WLL. 

Caution: This only applies up to max. 45° angle of inclination. Read the operating instructions!

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VIP/ICE Connector.

  • As a single part for external connections to fork ends, flanges etc. Completely pre-assembled with connection bolt and tensioning sleeve.
  • The connector is equipped with an RFID transponder and can be assigned reliably through the clear identification number.
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Product highlights from the RUD range.

ICE-Balacing master link VWK-2S / ICE-Master link for balancing unit VAK-2S

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