RUD Shortening elements.

Shorten lashing chains simply and quickly.

RUD lashing chains have a standard length of 3.5 m. The length settings of the lashing chains for their respective purpose are carried out with the aid of shortening elements. These shortening elements make handling easier and serve for the rough adjustment of the lashing process.

The lashing chains are hooked into the shortening claws or shortening hooks. Important: Shortening elements must not cause any reduction in minimum breaking force.

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IMVK (ICE-Multi shortening claw).

  • Can be fitted at any point of the chain leg or moved on the chain.
  • Ideal chain support thanks to link-shaped chain pocket preventing a reduction in WLL.
  • The sturdy, spring-mounted safety bolt prevents accidental loosening of the fitted chains both in non-loaded and in loaded condition.
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IVH (ICE-Shortening hook).

  • More difficult for the loose chain to slip out thanks to angled insertion opening.
  • Complies with standard DIN 5692. Chain groove depth > 5 x chain nominal thickness.
  • No reduction in lashing force in the shortened condition.
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New: Ratchet tensioner ICE-CURT-SL

  • Installed captive on the ratchet tensioner.
  • Safe handling thanks to the ICE-CURT-SL tensioning element (with shortening link)


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Safe bet. The RUD App "Lashing means calculation".

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