RUD Lashing points.

The optimal way to secure your load.

During the transportation of heavy machines or components, enormous forces can act on the load. The retention forces required to keep the load on the load bed are transmitted reliably using direct lashing.

However, the basic pre-requisite for direct lashing is the existence of lashing points on the load and on the load bed.

In other words, correct load securing starts during the design phase and is the responsibility of the design engineer or manufacturer.

Weldable RUD lashing points are forged, movable ring eyes made of high-quality alloy steel that are located in bearing blocks that can be easily welded.


RUD lashing points with LC specification in daN can also be retrofitted to the vehicle carrier by certified welders. Apart from these weldable lashing points, RUD has a comprehensive range of boltable variants.


Note: ISO 15818 has been in force since March 2017. For the first time, this defines global requirement criteria for lashing points for earth-moving machinery. All RUD lashing points meet the requirements of this standard.

Everything starts with the construction. Lashing points should …

  • be freely accessible;
  • have a shape that allows the folding safety catch of the lashing hook to be closed;
  • be adapted to the shape of the lashing hooks and not require any additional adapter elements such as shackles;
  • guarantee the correct WLL on the connected lashing hook (WLL at the bottom of the hook / no bending load);
  • be positioned to make lashing in the direct strand possible – without diverting the lashing means over component edges;
  • be positioned to make it possible to maintain reasonable lashing angles – reference value α ; β ≈ 30°;

  • be clearly recognisable as such and marked with their lashing capacity;
  • be available in sufficient number and lashing capacity;
  • be easily replaceable in the event of damage;
  • exhibit plastic deformation prior to failure in order to make damage apparent;
  • be designed such that the nominal lashing capacity can be applied in all expected loading directions – ideally, they should be able to be loaded on all sides;
  • have 2-fold safety against breakage.

Our service: all the geometrical data of the RUD lashing points can be downloaded from for your own CAD design.


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Are lifting points suitable for lashing purposes?

Lifting points originate from lifting technology and are therefore not marked with the permissible tensile force (LC), but with their WLL. In addition, lashing points and lifting points are subject to different safety factors. This is why you will find it easier to meet practical requirements with high-strength, tested RUD lashing points.


L-ABA (weld-on point that can be loaded on all sides, weldable): ideal for pile drivers, drilling equipment, compactors and earth-moving machinery.

  • Clear marking of the lashing force.
  • Forged from a single piece.
  • Circular fillet weld (in accordance with DIN EN 1090).
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LPW (lashing point for welding): areas of application: load bed or load.

  • Clear marking of the lashing force.
  • Bracket can be pivoted through 180°.
  • Distance lug on weld-on block.
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LRBS-FIX (lashing load ring weldable-FIX): lashing point is used in different lashing directions.

  • Clear marking of the lashing force.
  • Bracket can be pivoted through 180°.
  • Split force introduction.
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Product highlights from the RUD range.

L-ABA – Lashing point for welding

Ideal for rammers, drills, rollers and earthmoving machines.

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LPW-U / LPW – Lashing point for welding

The lashing point for all situations.

Product details

LRBS-FIX – Lashing load ring for welding

Lashing point is used in different lashing directions.

Product details

LRBK-FIX – Lashing load ring for welding

Optimal for edges – saves half of the lashing points.

Product details

SLP – Star Lashing Point

Full lashing force in every direction.

Product details

LVLBG-Plus – Lashing ring metric thread

Spot-on lashing capacity.

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Optilash-Fix / Optilash-Click

Lashing lug with and without bolts

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