Safe, non-mix-up assembly

This is how you will avoid errors when assembling a chain suspension.

A chain suspension as a whole only offers maximum application safety if its components are combined in a suitable manner. For example, components of Grade 10 (VIP) must not be connected with those of Grade 12 (ICE) or with components of other manufacturers.


In RUD ICE and VIP components, several safety features ensure that only components of the same grade and WLL can be combined.


RUD ICE and VIP components: non-mix-up suspension assembly due to …

RUD clevis system.

Whether ICE or VIP: the dimensional and colour matching of the two systems ensures that the correct nominal chain thickness is assigned without any mix-ups. An ICE connecting bolt (oval design) cannot therefore be combined with other RUD grades – or vice versa. With the VIP system too, only matching VIP chains of the correct thickness can be fitted thanks to the non-mix-up clevis connections. The clevis opening "X" prevents the connection of thicker VIP chains, whilst the connecting bolt diameter "Dimension Y" prevents the connection of thinner VIP chains.



Clear embossing.

All ICE chain links and components have a distinct "ICE" embossing by which they can be clearly identified. This also applies to the unmistakable VIP embossing of the VIP chains and components. This prevents mix-ups with other grades.

Movable connector of the master links.

It ensures a non-mix-up connection in terms of the chain diameter and the number of strands. In addition, the master link has an identification tag with an integrated patented chain gauge.

Pink powder coating.

All the components can be identified by their VIP / ICE pink powder coating. This practically eliminates mix-ups.





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