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Machines in the construction industry are usually used to capacity. Construction machinery must be transported from one construction site to the next at ever shorter intervals. Since long distances are often involved, the subject of load securing in the construction industry has become extremely important.

The challenge of transporting construction machinery lies in the often missing or difficult to access lashing points on the construction machinery. RUD has taken a very close look at this problem and found a clever solution for the demanding task.

Quite often, the forces which occur during driving are underestimated and the strength of the lashing equipment used overrated. For this reason, it is important for you to think about the right load securing means before a spectacular accident happens.


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How to do it right.


L-ABA (lashing point that can be loaded on all sides, weldable).

Ideal for pile drivers, drilling equipment, compactors and other earth-moving machinery.

  • Clear marking of the lashing force.
  • Forged from a single piece.
  • Circular fillet weld (in accordance with DIN EN 1090)
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LPW (lashing point for welding).

Areas of application: load bed or load.

  • Clear marking of the lashing force.
  • Bracket can be pivoted through 180°.
  • Distance lug on weld-on block.
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RUD supplies endless chain solutions particularly for lashing points that are difficult to access. They can be threaded through corresponding fixtures on the construction machine and thus guarantee the necessary securing of the construction machine on the semi-trailer.

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