The RUD ICE-120-Technology.

Lightweight and high-performance: RUD lifting and lashing means in Grade 12.

RUD ICE chains are lifting means of Grade 12 and represent a (r)evolutionary advanced development in the lifting means segment. Their colour code is ICE-pink (traffic purple). ICE stands for Innovative Chain Evolution. Thanks to the extremely high strength of the patented material, the continuous jump in nominal thickness has been achieved even with diameters of less than 16 mm.


The decisive advantage is that an ICE lifting or lashing chain – no matter what the nominal thickness – can replace a Grade 8 chain of the next highest nominal thickness. The more than 30 % lower dead weight significantly improves the working ergonomics.


A decisive ICE advantage: always one nominal thickness smaller than Grade 8.

RUD ICE chains have been tested and certified by the certification authority of the committee of metal and surface treatment of the employers’ liability insurance association Metal North South (BGM) and approved with the quality grade stamp "D1-12" (D = degree of quality / 1 = manufacturer RUD / 12 = grade). RUD ICE 120 chains and components have been designed for a dynamic load of 20,000 changes of load (tested with a 50 % overload) in accordance with DIN EN 818 and 1677.


Whether hot or cold – ICE is the best.

Thanks to their extreme temperature resistance of -60 °C to +300 °C, ICE chains are suitable for Polar and Arctic applications as well. Their brittle fracture transition temperature is < -70 °C. 


High value for money thanks to special ICE hardening.

Whether hot or cold: during tough use of the ICE chain, particularly when moving sectional steel (e.g. during port handling or construction work when used as a choke hitch) the patented material and special RUD ICE hardening result in economic advantages. Damage to the chain cause by edge deflection is significantly reduced compared to a chain with a lower material strength. 

Overheating indicator EP 677681 (European patent).

The special ICE-PINK powder coating permanently indicates the maximum temperature at which the ICE-chain has been used before. If used at a prohibited high temperature above 300°C, the ICE pink turns brown-black. 


The ICE chain technology for 30 % less dead weight – the advantages at a glance.

  • Better handling due to lightweight construction: no health impairment due to heavy lifting.
  • Up to 60 % higher breaking strength / WLL than Grade 8.
  • Higher wear resistance and longer life due to special heat treatment and 30 % higher surface hardness.
  • Optimum surface protection through special ICE pink powder coating.

  • Significantly improved toughness and impact energy values (55 J at -60 °C).
  • Reduced sensitivity to the penetration of sharp edges.
  • Environmental protection: significantly less material and less energy consumption during production.
  • Made for extreme temperatures.
  • Safety features and non-mix-up assembly.

The ICE-BOLT: higher WLLs with smaller bolt diameters.

The patented fine-grained steel of the ICE chains is virtually predestined to meet the high safety requirements in the area of lifting technology. Therefore, we also use the ICE technology in the bolts of many of the lifting points, to the benefit of our customers. The attachment bolts are exposed to maximum WLLs day-in, day-out, in all conceivable directions. These extreme bending and shearing forces must be safely absorbed both statically and dynamically. This is just as true at Arctic temperatures as at extremely high temperatures.


RUD has succeeded in transferring the innovative ICE material to the attachment bolts of the RUD lifting points. The result is the ICE-BOLT. Depending on the bolt size, its breaking strengths are up to 88 % higher than those of conventional bolts.

Safety meets economy: the decisive advantages of the ICE-BOLT:

  • Higher WLLs or thinner bolt diameters.
  • Unparalleled high safety factors.
  • Incomparable deep-temperature tolerance down to -60 °C.
  • Maximum strength with particularly high toughness.
  • Particularly high bending resistance at the critical transition between load absorption and load.
  • Lower wear occurrence.

In a nutshell: RUD lifting points with ICE bolts represent maximum safety in Grade 12.


The prism bending test (image on the left): the ICE-BOLT masters static and dynamic WLLs safely.

Increase in the breaking strength thanks to the ICE-BOLT.

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