Following nature's example - the Bentec Cable Chain with RUD ICE-chain.

True to our company philosophy - Tradition in Dynamic Innovation - RUD makes its contribution to the innovative, cost-effective alternative to previously known Service Loops.

The company Bentec achieved an innovative breakthrough in the field of previously known Service Loops. The innovative Bentec Cable Chain was developed from the experience gained with over 800 Service Loops produced for various top drives. RUD Ketten, with more than 140 years of experience in chain manufacturing, is proud to contribute to this innovative product, because the Bentec Cable Chain has a pink RUD ICE-chain as a load-bearing element.


High expectations - solution from nature

The company Bentec put a lot of thought into offering an improvement to existing Service Loops and well-known energy chains. Explanation: Service Loops are used in suspended applications to supply power and signals to top drives via cables and hoses. Top drives are usually found in drilling rigs where the power head is located at the top of the drill string.

In this environment, the demands on the new Service Loop were clear. Flexibility, despite a high WLL and easy repair, despite robustness. In addition, the cables and hoses should be able to move freely in order to reduce the stress on the cables and hoses as far as possible.

As is often the case, the idea for meeting these requirements comes from nature. It is not new to look for inspiration for solutions in nature's blueprints, but the way it has been transferred here is outstanding. They found what they were looking for in the blueprint and structure of the spine. The spine reflects nature's sophisticated blueprint, which meets all the requirements of the “new” Service Loop.

In the search for the right material for the stable, load-bearing and at the same time flexible central construction, a RUD ICE chain proved to be an excellent choice for Bentec. This is how the product name “Bentec Cable Chain” came about, based on the structure of the Service Loop. This is a combination of plastic elements, the cable and the chain - flexible, a high WLL and extremely robust.


Flexible, yet with a high WLL

A combination of a flexible RUD ICE chain with a high WLL, the plastic elements and a cable or hose will improve the overall system in the required aspects. This combination is modelled on how the human spine works with its bones, cartilage, tendons and nerve cells. So it's just a combined chain instead of separate hoses for power and control cables.

The design is as simple as it is ingenious. With only one identical plastic element attached to the RUD ICE chain, the cables are supported and kept in guidance. The specially developed cable strain relief at each end has the advantage that cables and hoses can move freely between them. In this construction, the cables are guided safely and reliably in suspended applications without the cables being subjected to excessive tensile forces. In addition, the cable stress with regard to friction is also reduced.


Open construction - easy repair and maintenance

Due to its open design, the Bentec Cable Chain offers further advantages compared to the Service Loops that were previously used. The visibility of cables, hoses and the RUD ICE chain assists with preventive maintenance. In addition, it is very easy to carry out repairs on the loop or to replace individual components. In addition, it is also possible to install further conductions, cables and hoses in the Bentec Cable Chain at a later date. These advantages over previously used Service Loops help to avoid sudden failures, costly repairs and the replacement of complete loops. Long machine downtimes are thus reduced to a minimum.


Worldwide use even under the most adverse conditions

The Bentec Cable Chain is compatible with standard loop suspensions, allowing easy replacement of existing Service Loops. The use of a RUD ICE chain 10 mm makes the design suitable for extreme operating conditions with high mechanical stress and a high temperature range from -45°C to +55°C (from -49°F to +131°F). Whether in the coldest parts of Russia or in the hottest places of Oman, the Bentec Cable Chain equipped with a RUD ICE chain withstands these temperature extremes. Whether used in onshore or offshore installations with various mast and derrick constructions - the Bentec Cable Chain is ready for anything. The variable adjustment of the RUD ICE chain length on the top drive, saddle or other suspensions in the mast allows easy adaptation to different rigs, whilst the reduced bend radius makes space-saving installation possible. The Bentec Cable Chain is therefore an indispensable upgrade for a wide range of existing Service Loops, as well as for any new applications in the oil, gas and geothermal industries.


The RUD ICE-chain - the backbone of the machine

The innovative Bentec Cable Chain clearly shows that when two companies specialising in their field, Bentec and RUD, join forces, great things can happen. Like the spine in the human body, the Bentec Cable Chain forms the backbone of a top drive, and the RUD ICE-chain makes its important contribution. It is a supporting component of the Service Loop that enables a smooth workflow - even under the most adverse conditions.