Moving a heavyweight around.

How does a 37-tonne colossus get from Aalen to the exhibition?

How often do we wander past exhibits at an exhibition without wondering how it actually got there. 

If these exhibits are as huge and heavy as an entire processing centre from SHW, such an enterprise quickly turns into an extremely difficult logistical and planning project. A project that would be impossible without technology and know-how from RUD.

As can be seen again and again during these challenging moves, alongside excellent product quality, extensive consultancy services, project and planning expertise, as well as an understanding of the specific features of the respective customer are essential.

This is where RUD came in, supporting SHW from the millimetre-accurate final assembly of the almost house-sized machine to loading onto the low loader, the extensive load securing during transport to unloading and installation in an exhibition hall at this year's EMO exhibition in Hanover. Of the two machine components, the biggest test for the RUD team was the frame, in particular, with a weight of around 26 tonnes. Positioning it on the 11-tonne stands had to be arranged extremely precisely, the complicated situation with regard to the centre of gravity had to be balanced and the low ceiling height in the hall had to be considered regarding the angles and lifting components, which is why the chain system and its components had to be precisely adjusted.

After RUD-secured transport, the giant was positioned on schedule and precisely on the envisaged space and fixed deep into the hall floor. Another successful example of the RUD philosophy:

More than products. Solutions.