From industry for industry – the new development: RUD ROV-Hook.

A success story about the cooperation between the manufacturer and user with advantages for both.

RUD-Ketten answered questions from the magazine “Planet ROV”. The conversation focused on the innovative RUD ROV-Hook and the story of its development. During the interview, RUD reports on the RUD ROV-Hook development process. The problems of previous ROV-Hooks and how they have now been solved by innovative ideas are clearly explained, and there is something special about the development process. It all started in 2014 in cooperation with Subsea7; a globally operating company for underwater installations and proven expert for ROV-Hook requirements. Such a development collaboration offers advantages for both partners and successfully led to the highly anticipated RUD ROV-Hook 25 t WLL in 2019. But all in sequence.

In 2015, RUD, as the top innovator in the lifting industry, responded to Subsea7’s customer request to address the serious and well-known hook problems of the subsea industry. Until then, no other manufacturer had dared to address the obvious shortcomings of conventional hooks. Now it was up to RUD and Subsea7 to declare war on “shedding”, which refers to losing the load due to unintentional opening of the hook, and “snagging”, i.e. jamming due to protruding parts.

Just two intensive development years later, the first innovative solution was presented to the market. It was the functionality of the RUD ROV-Hook 10 t WLL that was innovative. The new hook with simple safety catch, outward opening safety flap and very round shape has been completely “rethought”. Not only does it skilfully counteract the issues of “shedding” and “snagging”, it is also a prime example of cooperation between the manufacturer and user. True to the motto “From industry - for industry”, RUD developed its innovative product solution in close consultation with Subsea7 in line with their everyday needs.

But the cooperation did not end with this first successful version of the RUD ROV-Hook. Two years of hard work later, in 2019 RUD is rightly proud of the new ROV-Hook with double safety catch. In addition to the existing 10t WLL hook, the load capacity range has been considerably extended with a new 25t WLL version. Hand-in-hand with the users of Subsea7, it was possible to create a product that solves the predominant, common problems, and is easy and quick to use - something that was received very positively by the market.

The successful development work led to an innovative solution, so that the problems of “shedding” and “snagging” are now hopefully history. It’s exactly what you want from successful collaboration - a classic win-win situation for both parties involved in the development: and a positive signal for the Marine & Offshore industry as well.