RUD at the MAN Trucknology® Festival 2023

Safe and efficient: Tie-down lashing with round steel chains by RUD.

The MAN Trucknology® Festival brings the global truck industry together to share in an exciting mix of information, inspiration and innovation. At this year's event, visitors had the opportunity to discover the latest truck technologies, listen to talks from industry experts, and gain valuable insights into the future of the transport sector.

One of the highlights of the MAN Trucknology® Days 2023 was the presentation of the tried-and-tested RUD ICE lashing chains. The focus here was on the topic of tie-down lashing with round steel chains, which plays an important role when securing loads.


Tie-down lashing is a safety system in which the load is pressed against the truck bed by vertical force to prevent movements during transport.

So why is the 8 mm ICE lashing chain from RUD particularly efficient for tie-down lashing? Well, this lashing chain is in Quality Class 12, with a lashing capacity (LC) or maximum tensile force for direct lashing of 6,000 daN. In comparison, a chain of roughly the same weight in Quality Class 8 only has an LC of 4,000 daN.

According to the EN 12195-1 standard, which defines the permitted standard tension force (STF) as max. 50% of the LC for tie-down lashing, a chain in Quality Class 8 is limited to 2,000 daN. The RUD 8 mm ICE lashing chain in Quality Class 12, however, can be preloaded with a standard tension force of 2,800 daN, so more than 40% higher than a lashing chain of the same size and roughly the same weight in Quality Class 8.

Thanks to this excellent ratio between its own weight and the permitted standard tension force, the 8 mm ICE lashing chain is the perfect choice for tie-down lashing with chains. Due to its unit weight, the lashing chain is an extremely effective aid for the tie-down lashing of heavy steel and concrete parts. With its ICE lashing chain, RUD is continuing the trend for the weight-optimised further development of this reliable technology, which has already proven its worth millions of times. It's a great example of "Made in Germany" quality workmanship.


At the MAN Trucknology® Festival 2023, RUD once again demonstrated its expertise in supplying efficient and innovative solutions for securing loads. With its 8 mm ICE lashing chains, the company is setting new standards in the sector, confirming its status as a reliable partner for safe and efficient tie-down lashing.