One click - many benefits: OPTILASH-CLICK – RUD lashing point makes coating easier in vehicle construction.

OPTILASH-CLICK with spring-loaded pin makes the painting and zinc-plating of vehicle frames easier – no hydrogen embrittlement at the lashing point.

Quite often, little tricks result in a great advantage. One example of this is the OPTILASH-CLICK from the Swabian think tank RUD, which is able to play out its strengths fully in the automotive industry. Thanks to its intelligent mechanism, it is possible to mount the lashing point at the very end of the process chain, in other words after final coating. This means hydrogen embrittlement can easily be avoided.


“The coating processes in vehicle construction are becoming more and more complex, and the lashing points have always been a disruptive element. Now there is no need to worry about hydrogen embrittlement at the lashing point during hot-dip galvanising any more. The frame can be completely coated, then the lashing point is mounted afterwards. It couldn't be easier,” explains Alexander Hoffmann, Business Development Manager for Sling and Lashing Systems at RUD.

Spring-loaded pin opens up new possibilities.

The revolutionary thing about the OPTILASH-CLICK is its spring-loaded pin that can be pushed back to insert the lashing point into the bore hole or guide sleeve in the vehicle frame. The click-in mechanism guarantees the necessary support – the lashing point is then firmly fitted to the frame. The clever mechanism thus permits later installation after the vehicle frame has been painted or galvanised – conveniently, from the outside and without tools. This way, the lashing point is effectively protected from damaging chemical and thermal influences during galvanisation of the vehicle frame.

Numerous advantages .

The flexible spring not only makes the OPTILASH-CLICK simple to insert, it also allows quick and easy replacement. A patented wear mark indicates at a glance when replacement is necessary. There is no loss in load-bearing capacity through the new mechanism: with an LC of 10 000 daN the OPTILASH-CLICK is also suitable for heavy loads. This puts the innovative lashing point on a level par with its sturdy brother, OPTILASH-FIX, which is fixed into the bore hole or guide sleeve by a fixed pin. A further advantage: the OPTILASH-CLICK has a special offset shape which makes a flat lashing angle possible. “Thanks to its special design the lashing point can also be used for vertical loads with an excess width. All-round load-bearing capacity is guaranteed thanks to its optimum guide and support area,” explains Alexander Hoffmann. “In addition, fewer lashing rings are necessary per vehicle, since the OPTILASH-CLICK can be positioned flexibly in existing holders. Its galvanised surface protects it from corrosion. It is a proven safety point with safety factor two. Our RUD engineers have thought of everything: comfort, strength, safety and protection.”