Round sling meets lifting point.

TXP-Texolution-Point: The textile lifting point for the protection of surfaces and loads.

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Cutting-edge textile lifting point.
Protects. Lifts. Moves.

It can happen quickly: when moving high-value loads, lifting means such as chains, shackles and lifting points can damage their sensitive surfaces. Possible consequences include loss of value, functional impairment, and costly reworking. Our solution: the TXP-Texolution-Point. The round sling of the textile lifting point reduces the risk of damaging contacts between steel components of the lifting means and the sensitive load surface. Thus, surfaces are protected, values are preserved, and efficiency increases. And that with guaranteed WLL.

TXP-Texolution-Point: the textile lifting point for things worth protecting.

  • Reliable protection of load surfaces.
  • Unique: safety through guaranteed and tested load-bearing capacity (WLL) for the entire system.
  • Avoidance of accidents and damage caused by risky and untested own solutions.
  • Weight saving due to textile high-tech component.
  • Flexible in use: two lengths and three thread sizes (more on request).

Replaces proprietary solutions from shackles and round slings: The textile lifting means for maximum safety.

The critical point of textile lifting means is the transition from the steel eyelet to the textile. Did you know that fibre structures in textile round slings are sensitive to knotting, structural breaks and kinks as well as other forms of improper deformation? Here, there is a risk of an uncontrollable and unpredictable reduction in WLL. The danger also exists with too small and unfavourable radii of eyelets, shackles and other (proprietary) solutions that have not been specially developed for this purpose – e.g. from shackles and round slings.

Two worlds – innovatively connected.

This is where RUD comes in with a ready-made solution and a completely newly developed eyelet design. All components of the textile lifting point are perfectly matched to each other, and the overall system has been intensively tested. This ensures optimum force transmission that is gentle on the textile. WLL reduction due to unintended deformation is therefore not an issue. Guaranteed.

The new lifting point TXP-Texolution-Point:
strength where you need it.


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Textile lifting point:
Maintain values, avoid costs.

From turbines to roller bearings to polished or painted surfaces: especially where sensitive surfaces are lifted, turned and moved, the TXP-Texolution-Point is at home. In the automotive industry as well as in the aerospace sector, in machining production as well as in press shop. Avoid damage or even the penetration of flaking paint particles into sensitive areas of workpieces.

But its advantages make the TXP-Texolution-Point the first choice for many other applications as well. Its low weight, for example, noticeably simplifies handling. Moreover, it can remain attached to the load during transport without damaging it.

Wireless inspection documentation via RFID: saving time and money.

In more and more countries, regular inspections of lifting means and their documentation are mandatory. The RFID tag integrated as standard in the TXP-Texolution Point allows its factory-assigned ID number to be called up in a flash using a read-out device or smartphone. In this way, you can easily assign the test results. This saves time and thus costs.

All variants at a glance.

M16 – WLL: 1,3 t

L = 0,5 m / L = 1,0 m

M20 – WLL: 2,0 t

L = 0,5 m / L = 1,0 m

M24 – WLL: 3,0 t

L = 0,5 m / L = 1,0 m

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