RUD secures Stuttgart 21 construction machinery transport.

Reliable quality chains from RUD to secure loads.

As with ever more large-scale projects, RUD products are the main choice for the hundredyear railway construction project Stuttgart 21. The Filstal Bridges, which are absolutely essential for the ICE Albaufstieg route, are built with heavy equipment. However, this equipment must first be brought on site and then precisely moved once it is there. Load securing becomes the solution.

The new construction of the Filstal Bridges on the Wendlingen-Ulm connecting route consists of 2 separate railway overbridges with an impressive length of 485 and 472 metres. However, work cannot be done on both Filstal Bridges at the same time. After the first bridge heading from Stuttgart towards Ulm is finished, construction on the second bridge will commence. The challenging task was now to move the impressive construction machines to a dizzying height of 85 metres using low-loaders. Perfectly secured with RUD lashing equipment, the machines have to be moved back across the finished, narrow bridge. “Load securing of construction machines with these enormous dimensions is always a particular challenge for people and material – especially 85 metres above the valley bottom,” says Stefan Prötzel, RUD Sales Director for Specialised Applications in Slings and Lashing Equipment.

„That RUD quality products are preferred for this tricky challenge”, adds Stefan Prötzel, “is confirmation of our excellent work. For one thing is clear, where safety is concerned, experts insist on reliable quality chains from RUD.“


Data Filstal Bridge:

• The third-highest railway bridge in Germany

• Semi-integral pre-stressed concrete bridge

• Railway overbridge across the A8 and the Fils Valley

• Construction cost 53 million €

• Construction start 2014 – Opening December 2022 (planned)